Rescue ME - Happy Maine Giving Tuesday

Happy Giving Tuesday. The first Tuesday after Thanksgiving has been designated as a global day where the world comes together for one common purpose - to celebrate generosity and give. HappyME is a dog-loving Maine business that likes to give back so we are sharing the good woof on nine animal loving Maine organizations that work hard 365 days a year to rescue and find happy new fur-ever families for animals in need.

As you get ready for your holiday celebrations with your dearly fur-loved, take some time to consider our less fortunate furry friends who are still looking for love. There are so many ways you can help make a difference - adopt, donate, foster, volunteer, participate in holiday events or simply share the good woof. Our fur-kids leave paw prints in our hearts forever. Helping other four-paw friends find happy homes is what being an animal lover is all about.

Here are nine animal loving organizations that work hard 365 days a year to rescue and find happy new loving families for animals in need.

Almost Home Rescue of New England

Almost Home Rescue: A canine rescue group dedicated to saving lives and finding homes "for stray, abandoned and surrendered dogs, most of which are in high kill shelters". Their policy is to "rescue for life" - if any of their rescued dogs can 't stay with their new adoptive families they must be returned to Almost Home Rescue. A volunteer run organization with no paid staff or board members. They rely on a network of volunteer foster homes and don 't have a physical shelter facility.

Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland

Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland: A private non-profit adoption agency that was established in 1911 and is now located in Westbrook. Their original shelter on India Street was funded by Maine 's Governor Baxter, who believed that "humanity had an obligation to creatures of the animal kingdom". Each animal in their shelter facilities care is "given the time it needs to find a home regardless of its age, color or medical condition until the time it is reunited with its family or adopted into a loving and responsible home". Their motto "everyone deserves a happy home" is a guiding principal.

This year 's Animal Refuge League Giving Tuesday video shares the love that adopting families have found - in their own words.

HappyME is proud to partner with Animal Refuge League to help raise funds and awareness for their mission. The annual Martinis for Mutts is a favorite annual happy hour fundraiser in late summer that we are happy to be organizing sponsors of together with the generous hosts Portland Regency Hotel.

Animal Welfare Society

Animal Welfare Society: A non-profit charitable organization located in West Kennebunk that was originally founded in the 1960s. A humane shelter that serves 21 neighboring communities and focuses on "caring for companion animals temporarily in need of housing". AWS actively promotes "kindness, the elimination of cruelty to and neglect of all animals, and the lifelong commitment of people to their pets".

Coastal Humane Society

Coastal Humane Society: Located in Brunswick, a non-profit charitable organization, animal shelter, and companion animal adoption agency founded in 1950 by Bowdoin College Professor of English, Stanley Chase. Their mission is to "protect and save animals ' lives; to educate and advocate for their welfare; to provide exemplary shelter and veterinary care; to place adoptable companion animals in loving homes; and to enhance the bond between humans and animals."

Lincoln County Animal Shelter

Lincoln County Animal Shelter: Serving Lincoln County and the surrounding communities by providing "humane care, feeding and shelter (and new homes) for the strayed and abused animals" that come into their care. Assists in the transfer of injured wild creatures to appropriate shelters for care and subsequent release.

Lucky Pup Rescue

Lucky Pup Rescue: Based in Southern Maine but without a physical shelter, this non-profit organization was established to help families to foster and adopt dogs in need. The organization works to find new homes for local dogs and dogs from overcrowded partner shelters and rescues from the south. "Our dogs are brought to safety and cared for as we find families that will foster a dog until their forever family is found".

Puppy Love

Puppy Love, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose primary mission is to rescue dogs from areas in the south (mainly Louisiana) affected by natural or man-made disasters - including high kill shelters - and place them in appropriate homes and shelters in Maine. Their goal is to provide rescued dogs veterinarian treatment, foster homes and permanent loving homes. Puppy Love has no physical shelter and depends solely on foster homes to satisfy the Maine quarantine requirement when dogs first arrive here. Without foster homes, rescued animals can 't legally enter the state to await adoption.

Underhound Railroad

Underhound Railroad: Formed in August 2009 with the mission of helping dogs on death row in Connecticut and all of New England through a network of foster families and volunteers. "Since then, our mission has expanded to helping dogs and all our fellow animals on this earth, any way we can, everywhere we can."

The Pixel Fund

The Pixel Fund: A non-profit organization based in southern Maine and run by volunteers but with no shelter facility. Their mission is to "save lives of shelter pets through education, advocacy, and rescue efforts and through participation in community activities".

Be generous on this year 's #GivingTuesday whether you give with your heart or your wallet your love can make a difference. Don 't forget to share the good woof about these nine Maine animal rescue organizations.

HappyME celebrates dog-friendly Maine. Our own whimsical Maine-inspired designs are available on HappyME gifts for your best friend and you - dog collars, leashes, t-shirts and more. Our online sales help us help furry friends in need at our local shelter, Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland.