Our Dog 's Letter To Your Boss On National Bring Your Dog To Work Day

As an advocate for fellow dogs our Happy Maine dog, Ted, put his paws to keyboard and created a ruff draft letter on why your boss needs to let you bring your dog to work on a regular basis. Feel free to share this letter filled with pawesome facts to help your boss convert.

To Whom It May Concern,

It has come to my furry-brow attention that you have some reservations about allowing your employees to bring their dogs to work. As a spokes-dog in the dog-friendly arena I wanted to extend a helping paw and share some furry important facts that you may not be aware of.

I waggingly believe that dogs should be welcomed into your workplace on a regular basis and not just on National Bring Your Dog to Work Day. I can bark this up to five key reasons

  1. No more Ruff-Day Blues - Scientific research indicates having dogs in the workplace will help your employees de-stress when they 're having a ruff day
  2. Tail-wagging Office Harmony - It will raise oxytocin levels, a hormone associated with trust, and help create a harmonious workplace. Trust me - I 'm not ruffing around there 's scientific wee-search to back this up.
  3. Healthy work habits - doggie busy-busy walkie breaks a.ka. fire hydrant time helps employees limber up and reboot their brains.
  4. Because you should have a heart. The average employee spends over 2000 hours in the workplace a year that 's 14000 hours in dog years!
  5. Dog spells God backwards - just saying...

Anyhowl, in return your new canine coworkers should pledge to de-fluff and exercise before work, avoid sniffing people 's butts, inappropriate grooming maneuvers or x-rated activities with dog beds during office hours. Fellow workers should also be asked to respect doggy siesta time (likely to be 75% of the time) and avoid eating tantalizing lunches within whiffing distance.

In my furry humble opinion, if you 're not welcoming dogs into your office on a regular basis, you 're missing out on a furry good thing.

Yours waggingly,
Teddy the Bear
The Maine Wag