Dog Friendly Maine Hotels, Inns and Resorts From Southern Maine to the Midcoast

happymestuffFor those of us who feel like a summer vacation without your dog is like leaving a member of your family behind, traveling in Maine is really a dream come true. Throughout the Pine Tree State many of the people and local tourism businesses welcome dogs as V.I.Ds who deserve to not just be permitted but embraced with open arms.


The HappyME duo at The Colony Hotel in Kennebunkport, Maine - they are crazy about dogs. My happy Maine dog, Ted, and I had fun doing some four-paw research for our friends at Maine Today. Check out my article below if you missed my recent feature in Maine Today Magazine 's Summer Travel Edition. The article shares dog friendly Maine hotels, inns and resorts from York to Northport: from historic bed and breakfasts, to high-tail seaside resorts to high-end camping yurts for dogs and owners who don 't like to ruff it too much. You may also like to read the additional links to HappyME blog features I 've written on some of our Maine favorites.

Share your dog-friendly Maine adventures with us on our HappyME Facebook page. With Wags, Chief Happy Officer - Deb and The Maine Wag - Teddy the Bear